The Municipality of Ljubovija


The municipality of Ljubovija is located in the western part of Serbia. The territory of the municipality is part of the larger regional administrative unit, the District of Macva, to which it gravitates in the economic, commercial and cultural terms.

According to the preliminary results of the 2011 census, the municipality has 14,424 inhabitants in 27 villages with the average size of about 535 inhabitants and it covers an area of 356 km2. The City of Ljubovija is the centre of the municipality with about 3,946 inhabitants. The population density of the municipality is approximately 40.5 inhabitants per km2.

The area is predominantly hilly and mountainous, while the smaller parts of the lowlands with hilly terrain are found in the valley of the river Drina.

The municipality of Ljubovija, with its twenty seven villages, is one of the economically underdeveloped areas. Having in mind the orientation of the population on agricultural production, in total agricultural income, together with forestry, hunting and water management, it accounts for 50.85%, 23.23% of the income is from manufacturing industry, trade – 3.48%, construction – 2.98% and other activities with 19 46%.

The western boundary of the territory of the municipality of Ljubovija is the River Drina (border of Serbia), on the east side is the Municipality of Valjevo and Osecina, Krupanj and Mali Zvornik are in the north, while in the south of the area, the border is the Municipality of Bajina Basta.

With its territory, population and settlements, the Municipality of Ljubovija is among the smaller municipalities in Serbia. It covers 0.64% of the territory, with the population of 0.32%.

The Municipality of Ljubovija has a solid position when it comes to traffic that relies primarily on the most appropriate direction, which is communication along the Drina River (north-south), which includes the area in the traffic and other communication systems. The main road network consists of:

  • the highway M-19 north-south, sections of Mali Zvornik-Ljubovija-Bajina Basta, which is included in the wider main roads,
  • the highway M-127, also heading north, connects the highway M-19 through Gracanica and Krupanj with the main road Loznica-Valjevo-Lazarevac,
  • the regional road R-113, east direction, Ljubovija-Pecka-Pricevic. This route starts from the main road M-4, Loznica-Valjevo-Lazarevac, and connects with the main road M-19.

The bridge on the river Drina associates the municipality of Ljubovija with Serbian Republic.